Born in EPFL Switzerland

Nexco Analytics

Nexco Analytics is Swiss company providing data analysis to private customers and public institutions. We are specialized in bioinformatics services, such as genomics, proteomics and transcriptomics. Nexco Analytics was created in 2021 on the EPFL campus in Switzerland. After having successfully collaborated for many years with different research laboratories, the company was founded as an EPFL spin-off to pursue that goal beyond. This academic context favored the constitution of a talented multidisciplinary team who could develop, test and refine methodologies at the edge.

IP developed at EPFL

The technology employed at Nexco Analytics has been conceived,developed and updated over the last decade at EPFL in Switzerland. Our IP includes:

  • Curated Transposable Elements (TEs) databases.
  • Quantification pipelines for TEs and other repetitive elements for several sequencing techniques and organisms.
  • A vast database of gene and TE quantification over many cell types, patients (healthy and diseased) from experiments such as bulk, single-cell RNA-seq or ATAC-seq. All ready to be consulted
  • Computational methodology that has been optimized to process sequencing data of any size, even large datasets of thousands of samples, in a time and cost-efficient way.

Nexco Analytics vision

Nexco Analytics is born from the idea that Data Analysis should not be a black box. We believe in a more artisanal and highly collaborative work, with strong care about details, where each part understands the key points of the other. We believe we can help foster scientific advance by leveraging on scientific/biological knowledge, advanced Machine Learning techniques and genomics big data experience.

Our multidisciplinary team covers many fields

Our team consists of skilled and experienced biologists, oncologists, engineers, statisticians and data scientists. The outcome of every data analysis project at Nexco Analytics is the result of a team-work, where each member contributes with his/her expertise. Our clients take advantage of this multidisciplinary perspective in many ways. Our experts will propose hypotheses, help you interpret results and explain Machine Learning methodology in an intuitive way. The collaborative work we have previously done yielded many publications in high rated peer-reviewed journals, in both basic research and fields such as cancer, diabetes or virology.