Advanced Bioinformatics

Advanced tailored Bioinformatics

When standard Bioinformatics is not enough

Using Artificial Intelligence

Solve any complex Data Analysis problems

In the realm of bioinformatics, customized solutions driven by technological advances outshine standard approaches. When complexities arise and standard methods fall short, which is most of the cases, advanced analyses become imperative. Our services offer tailored insights that transcend conventional limitations, ensuring your data is fully understood and enabling groundbreaking research strides.

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Data resilience through complex analyses

Recover faulty data

Unlock the potential of data resilience in Bioinformatics with our advanced analysis solutions. Through complex analyses and AI, we revive compromised data, unveiling hidden insights and patterns not seen in standard analyses. Elevate your research impact and reduce cost by ensuring accuracy and innovation in your findings.

The dark side of the genome

We are experts in the analysis of transposable elements

New sources of biomarkers

Repeated genome specialists

Transposable elements (TEs) constitute 60% of the human genome, yet they are usually discarded from analyses due to their repetitiveness and complexity. As TEs can regulate gene expression and act as harbors for transcription factors, their analysis can help understand the biology hidden in your data. Their expression in diseases and their peculiar sequences make them great target for biomarkers discovery and therapy. We have developed TEnex, a set of optimized peer reviewed pipelines and programs to analyze transposable elements in -omics data. Take advantage of our curated TE database and 10years of experience in the field.

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Our analyses lead to several publications in high impact journals

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