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Bespoke AI solutions for Life Sciences

AI is swiftly progressing, transforming technology and human interaction. Enhanced algorithms, data, and computing power enable AI to understand language, predict outcomes, and learn from data. In Life Sciences, AI accelerates genetic research, drug discovery, and disease diagnosis, revolutionizing healthcare and scientific exploration.

Variant Discovery

Our AI algorithms swiftly identify genetic variations, including SNPs and indels, with high precision. Machine learning models effectively distinguish disease-associated variants from benign ones.

Disease-Gene Links

Advanced machine learning discovers associations between genetic variants and diseases, drawing from extensive genomic and clinical datasets. This is pivotal in unraveling the genetic underpinnings of various conditions.

GWAS Excellence

We conduct comprehensive Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS) using AI, pinpointing genetic variants linked to complex traits and diseases through large-scale genomic data analysis.

Structural Variant Proficiency

Our AI algorithms adeptly detect and characterize structural variants, including CNVs and translocations, which are crucial in understanding genetic disorders.


Personalized medicine becomes a reality as AI analyzes genomic data to predict drug responses based on an individual's genetic makeup, optimizing treatment strategies.

Cancer Genomics

AI identifies driver mutations in cancer genomes, facilitating tumor classification and revealing potential therapeutic targets.

Epigenomic Exploration

We leverage AI to delve into epigenetic data, deciphering DNA methylation and histone modification patterns to understand gene regulation in development, diseases, and aging.

Metagenomic Proficiency

In microbiome research, our AI solutions classify and characterize microorganisms from metagenomic data, unveiling insights into microbial communities.

Comprehensive Data Integration

AI seamlessly integrates genomic data with clinical, environmental, and omics data, providing holistic insights into complex biological systems and disease mechanisms.

The power of Artificial Intelligence

Let edge technology unveil patterns in your data

Artificial Intelligence for Life Sciences

Artificial Intelligence for Life Sciences

With a deep-rooted expertise in both Artificial Intelligence and Life Sciences, our team possesses a unique fusion of knowledge that empowers us to drive groundbreaking innovation at the intersection of these fields.

Statistics and predictive modeling

Statistics and predictive modeling

Statistical modeling allows us to understand how different variables affect each other and more importantly, it allows us to make predictions on future or hypothetic situations. The combination of those empowers you to make clever data founded decisions.

Data from your company or available online

Data from your company or available online

Obtaining the right sets of data to answer to your needs, is the first step towards a successful outcome. We will not only use the data you may be producing in-house. When needed, we will make use of public databases (climate, transport or demographics among others) as well as social networks.

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