3D Genomics

3D Genomics

Chromatin 3D conformation plays a critical role in the regulation of gene expression. For instance by bringing closer key enhancers to genes, or on the contrary by isolating portions of the genome. Multiple techniques have been created to study the so-called DNA looping, some allowing to assess contact points across the full genome and some focusing on particular view points, or proteins and we have experience in all.


Chromosome Conformation Capture (3C, 4C, 5C)

3C has been designed to study a set of targeted view-points across some regions of the genome allowing to answer biological questions at a lower cost compared to analyzing the full genome. Developed in early 2000’s and often referred as a “one-vs-some” this technique set the foundations of 3D genomics.

As an upgrade of 3C, 4C allows to assess the contacts points between a view-point of your choice across the entire genome in a “one-vs-all” approach.

Finally, 5C is an upgrade of 4C which allows to assay DNA contact points in a large region of interest thus it is often referred to as “many-vs-many”.

These techniques have been developed long time ago and nowadays there exists state of the art analysis methods that are part of our 3D genomics pipeline at Nexco Analytics.