ChIP-seq, a foundation for epigenomics

Epigenomics has acquired a preponderant role in the study of genomics. Complementary to the study of gene expression through transcriptomics techniques such as RNA-seq or scRNA-seq, the inquiry of the chromatin status at the loci of interest has become crucial to understanding gene expression. Chromatin immunoprecipitation followed by DNA sequencing (ChIP-seq) is a fundamental technique in epigenomics for which we have years of experience.


Reveal protein binding sites and discover DNA motifs

ChIP-seq allows to study the binding pattern of your protein of interest through the entirety of the genome. Nexco analytics method to analyze ChIP-seq and infer binding sites (peaks) is in accordance with current standards. Our pipeline first focuses on quality control to discard any bias and to minimize false negatives by utilizing advances statistics.

Motif discovery is usually the following step in the analysis. Find out the DNA sequence recruiting your protein of interest in your data by taking advantage of our motif detection pipeline.