Your tailored solution for RNA-seq analysis

RNA-seq has revolutionized transcriptomics a decade ago by allowing the sequencing of all the mRNA content of a sample. Ever since, many methods have been implemented to properly analyze bulk RNA-seq and we have become experts in understanding and applying them.

Meet TEnex: our licensed pipeline for RNA-seq analysis

The standard for RNA-seq analysis is to extract differentially expressed genes between conditions. As specialists of the repeated genome, we can go one step further by analyzing transposable elements which can alter gene expression and have been shown to play a role in diseases, notably cancers.

Our peer-reviewed pipeline to analyze transposable elements (TE), which we coined TEnex, has been developed at EPFL and is licensed to Nexco Analytics. We can optionally extract this information to complement the standard gene analyses.

Our analyses fit the standards and are adaptable to your needs. We apply statistical methods which minimize the number of false positives to provide you with a robust set of differentially expressed genes.