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Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are poised to revolutionize numerous industries. In the realm of biology, AR and VR open up new dimensions of exploration, training, and peer discussion on molecular systems and complex data. With the tools we develop, scientists can visualize complex molecular structures and biological processes in immersive 3D environments with far finer details in visualization and in how they interact with molecules, for example just by using their bare hands, and seeing each other thus enabling very natural human-human interactions.

The future of interactions

Such collaborative sessions where multiple users interact with molecules are possible today at rather low costs, enabling very natural and deep instruction and discussion inside virtual worlds, either with users located in the same physical place or thousands of kilometers away.

Our team includes experts in VR solutions specialized for chemistry and biology, with a focus on web-based implementations that make deployment extremely simple and make the software natively compatible across devices and operating systems -running not only on high-end AR/VR headsets but also on computers, smartphones and tablets.

Beyond our core applications to molecular structures and complex data related to chemistry and biology, industries such as healthcare can utilize VR for realistic medical simulations, training doctors and surgeons with lifelike scenarios, and more.

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